Painting 3D Prints – Toys and supplies for children

I have a few school projects and I chose to do some charitable work for one of the projects. I decided to gather school supply donations and add some artistic value and the end product will be donated to needy children. While searching for ideas for the supplies, I came across these low polygon Pokemon which are pretty adorable. Can you tell which are painted and which were printed in their respective color? Charmander looks more like Barney with his friends. Squirtle and Pikachu were actually printed in clear PLA but I painted them (not a great job) and it sort of worked.

So how should we paint 3D prints? Well, it is always better to print the object in the color you want but when that isn’t a viable option, sanding and primer is king. Sanding will help smooth the superficial exterior but at the same time create a rough surface microscopically for primer to adhere to. Once you primer, this allows a good texture for you to apply acrylic paint. If you were in a rush like me, you can skip these steps and just layer on the paint. I applied a first layer, let the paint dry and then re-applied another layer. The second layer helped with color and I’m thinking about testing a third layer but if I did that, I should have just used primer in the first place.

These polygons were speed printed at 0.3 layer height and 15% infill so the quality suffers a bit but then again, they are low polygon models. I tried also printing Vi from League of Legends which is a difficult model to print and to me, it does look awesome although it is also in low resolution but I had gotten some negative feedback from Imgur. Also, a separate earlier print of Rammus, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu that went missing. The worst part is when you step on one of these.


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