OpenRC F1 Race Car

I’ve been working on a project I found off of Thingiverse called the “OpenRC Formula 1 Race Car”.

(stock photo from the OpenRC project)

This is a 1/10th scale model of a Formula 1 race car designed by Daniel “Barspin” Noree. He provides an in-depth guide on creating this vehicle with links to buy the internal electronics. RCs (Remote-controlled vehicles) are a new hobby for me besides owning older, cheaper prebuilt Tyco RCs like the “RebounD”. Good ol’ memories.Image result for tyco rc

This is what the vehicle looked like almost fully assembled before paint. The printer stopped extruding the rear tires but the majority of the prints are simple and came out well even in such a low resolution at .25 layer height. I would assume that .1 layer height would be more optimal since there are a lot of M3 screws and nuts needing to be added but this was initially a test print. This was also the first time attempting to paint a 3D printed object and most people say acrylic paint doesn’t adhere well to PLA were somewhat correct. Although I purchased automotive primer, I tested an initial layer of paint and the color was not very vibrant. For those who have the resources, it is better to print in the filament color of the print than printing then painting.

After a second layer of paint, the colors popped out a lot more. I ran out of white PLA and for some odd reason, many PLA sellers on Amazon do not ship to California except Hatch so I went with them on a silver PLA and black TPU for the front tires. The picture below is of PLA front and back tires but the front ones have a second coating of black acrylic paint

Most people have heard of TPU filament but only from the brand name, Ninjaflex. I am on a limited budget so Hatchbox having 1kg spool for around $28 seemed like a great deal and also the California seller issue limited my buying options. This was my first time working with TPU and with a 20% infill , speed of 20mm/s, and printing temperature set at 235C, the front tires came out great on the first attempt. The tire on the right is TPU while the left tire is PLA that has been painted. TPU is a ThermoPlastic Polyurethane which is a type of material that can a wide spectrum of elasticity and toughness which this material is extremely tough and will twist, bend, and bounce without losing its original shape.

Currently, the project is halted due to electrical issues (I blew up a receiver for the transmitter) but replacements are on the way and I am starting my next two projects: Charitable school supply design project and building a 3D printer mainly out of 3D printed parts, SnappyRepRap.

If you are interested in creating your own OpenRC car, check out the Thingiverse OpenRC F1 project. Daniel Noree also has multiple projects such as OpenRC Truggy, which you can find here

Please check out his website at

Revar’s SnappyRepRap

Hatchbox 1.75 TPU


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